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FALLing for Exeter

FALLing for Exeter


Filmmaker Scott Seargeant, a Visalia native, searched the valley for days looking for the perfect location to finish filming his short film, “The Fallen: Standing Tall” before settling on Exeter. “I scouted for three days until I came across the perfect location … an open lot in town with trees, and an owner willing to let us cut a tree down. That was hard to find”. The film was shot at the empty lot on Olivewood and Joyner in Exeter. Scott Seargeant, an international arborist and filmmaker, along with cinematographer Adam Beck wrote the script to “The Fallen” in December, 2013 after investors requested that the team produce a short film showcasing their unique talent and vision for filmmaking. “The Fallen” reveals their filmmaking method through a compelling story in script, acting and cinematography.

“The Fallen”, is a short film that was shot from the perspective of a tree. The core of The Fallen is about fate and what happens when your fate is controlled by others. On the surface, it’s about a daughter’s relationship with her father centered around her favorite tree where they spend time together playing, bonding and growing. The film is also symbolic of what happens when part of their relationship (the tree) is cut down. The Fallen includes the point of view of a tree, a little girl, her parent’s and four tree trimmers. According to Scott the film, “Awakens childhood perceptions when play was our main objective and reconnects symbolic meaning as, America’s continuous fight for freedom and the realization; there’s a long road to humanity.”

“The Fallen” will be sent to film festivals in Europe, Canada and the U.S. in an effort to receive recognition and attract investors for their upcoming feature films including, “Z Survive” tentatively scheduled to be filmed in Lemoore, Calif. in Dec., 2014. Central Valley residents will soon have the opportunity to invest in Scott and Adam’s film projects. The support of local residents is crucial to the filmmakers, “It’s important for us to keep investors local. Soon potential investors will be able to make donations to the film through Indiegogo”. Indiegogo is a crowdfunding website where individuals can help support various art projects from film to non-profits organizations. Investors can also call Scott personally and request investor presentations. By speaking with investors personally Scott feels he can help reduce the feeling of risk associated with investing in films.

Scott is a Central Valley native having grown up in and around Visalia. After graduating high school, he attended Cal-Poly. He worked as an Arborist traveling around the world diagnosing and treating diseased trees, “Landscaping is a very creative job and I’ve always worked in creative fields”. Scott became interested in filmmaking after his two-year-old daughter began acting and modeling, “I kind of got roped into filmmaking. I would be asked to play my daughter’s father or play small roles. I also wrote music for films, but what I really wanted was to focus on writing and producing.” Scott has written seven scripts four of which are 100 percent completed.

“The Fallen” stars Ronnie Coelho, a graduate from USC Theater and Sydnee M. Douglass, a talented 10-year-old actor from Fresno. Also, starring in “The Fallen” are Jacklyn Garcia-Escoto, Preston Moore, Ryan Hansen, Jake Lomeli and Jaime Lyrix Nungaray an accomplished actor and song writer. Students from Golden West’s Film Production Class were invited to assist the crew on set gaining valuable experience in the making of a professional short film. Once the film is completed in post production Scott and Adam plan on holding small private screening for local valley residents.

For more information or to donate to “The Fallen” or the upcoming feature film, “Z Survive” contact Scott Seargeant at (559) 799-8805 or email him at sseargeant@att.net.


By Sheyanne Romero

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